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FLU Clinics 2017

 * Every Tuesday evening 5pm-7.30pm in the Weston Office 9/12/17-12/19/2017

** Every Thursday evening 5pm-7pm in the Medfield Office. 9/28/17-12/21/17

Sept. 23  Weston Office (12pm - 5pm)

Oct. 9     Weston Office (10am - 5pm)

Oct. 14    Medfield Office (10am - 4pm)

Oct. 21    Weston Office (12pm - 5pm)

Nov. 11    Medfield Office (10am - 4pm)

Nov. 18    Weston Office (12pm - 5pm)

Dec. 16    Weston Office (12pm - 5pm)


**** All clinics are open door. Any patient who already has a well, f/u appointment scheduled after Sept 5th,who is not ill, will receive the vaccine at the time of their visit. No need to come in for a clinic. If you have any question, feel free to call the office and speak to one of our frontline representative.


CDC data has shown that Flu Mist is not effective and no longer recommends its use. Therefore we will no longer offer the nasal spray form of influenza vaccine.

Thank You

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