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 Pediatric Associates can help you with some of your travel needs!

   We know that traveling is an important part of your vacation and you would like to make it as safe as possible. Please follow the link to CDC (Center for Disease Control)  website and enter your destination to find out if your travel requires any vaccines and special medication.
Our providers can fill out prescriptions for malaria prophylaxis and offer immunizations for thyphoid fever, hepatitis A and B and if needed rabies. We are not authorized to provide Japanese Encephalitis and Yellow Fever vaccines, but can provide everything else. In addition to all immunizations we encourage you to review water and food safety, insect protection, altitude sickness if necessary, and traveler's diarrhea. If you are traveling internationally and you would like to go to a travel clinic, please follow the link below to get more information about location and phone numbers. When you call to speak with one of our nurses, please have with you the cities and countries, dates of travel, activities while traveling, allergies, current medications, and past immunizations received outside of our practice.

Travel Clinics in the area
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