First Time Parents and Caring for Your Newborn
By Pediatric Associates of Wellesley
October 14, 2021
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For first-time parents, a newborn is both a terrifying and exhilarating experience. If you need to consult a pediatrician about newborn care in Weston, MA, or Medfield, MA, then the Pediatric Association of Wellesley team can assist you.

What to Expect 

Before you leave the hospital with your newborn, you can expect your child to undergo a complete examination to assess their health. If all is well and you and your newborn are released, you will go home and start one of your most extraordinary adventures.

Newborn care doesn’t need to be complicated. Your child will need to be warm, clean, dry, safe, fed, and comfortable with lots of bonding.

  • You will learn to bathe your child while supporting their neck and head. You will treat the umbilical cord with surgical spirits until it dries out.
  • You will learn to change nappies (keep everything you need close by), and if a baby is healthy, they should have approximately six wet nappies a day.
  • You will learn to breastfeed or bottle-feed your baby.
  • You will learn to swaddle your baby and figure out their sleeping patterns.
  • You will learn how to bond with your child.

A newborn will benefit from a certain amount of routine.

Within a few days of birth, you must make an appointment for your newborn to visit your pediatrician. For newborn care in Weston, MA, you can contact the Pediatric Association of Wellesley to make an appointment.

What Will Happen at a Newborn Appointment?

At your child’s first pediatric appointment after birth, you can expect the following.

  • Your baby will be weighed and measured.
  • Do a complete examination (Pro Tip: Put your newborn in clothing that is easily put on and taken off)
  • Discuss newborn care.
  • Importantly, you can use this opportunity to ask your pediatrician any questions or concerns.

Pediatric Visits in the First Year

Newborn care and regular pediatric visits throughout your child’s first year for checkups are vital. The appointments allow your pediatrician to track your child’s overall health and growth. Most appointments will follow the same format as your newborn appointment, and they may also include vaccinations from time to time. 

You can expect regular checkups beyond the first year, but less frequently.

Contact Us

If you are a first-time parent seeking a pediatrician for newborn care in Weston, MA, or Medfield, MA, you can reach the Pediatric Association of Wellesley team at the Weston, MA practice on (781) 736-0040 or the Medfield, MA practice on (508) 359 9200.