Parent Consultation

This service is intended for parents who could benefit from guidance on how to best support a child with mental health, behavioral, learning, or adjustment issues. When a child has these issues, most parents are caught between wanting to push their son or daughter and wanting to go easy on them. It can be hard to know what you can realistically expect from a child who is struggling and may not be able to control their behavior.

Parent consultations will help you figure out when to hold the line and when to offer more support. Parents will acquire skills so that they can set limits that make sense to their son or daughter and children will then begin the process of learning the essential skills of self regulation and frustration tolerance. You will gain insight into what the root cause of your child's difficulties are and what types of additional help your son or daughter may need.

Our child therapist, Sarah Keniston, LICSW has over 20 years working with children and parents. Parent sessions are available Tuesdays during school hours.

Please contact the front desk to schedule an appointment or contact Sarah directly at (617) 413-3685 if you have questions.