So many changes all at once: middle school, changing bodies, more independence. The social world takes on a new importance (and risk). Kids like to feel big, but still need parents' support.

What to expect during this visit:

During this visit, we will continue to monitor growth and development, do a full examination and  vision screen and give advice on healthy behavior and discuss and take preventative steps to help continued good health.

We will spend some time with your child alone for part of the visit so that we have some time to speak with your teen confidentially and so that s/he can take some responsibility for her or his own health care.

Read our confidentiality agreement with teens here .

To facilitate your check in process, please take time to fill out the developmental screening questionnaire on GATEWAY prior to your visit today.  if you do not yet have a GATEWAY account, please arrive a few minutes early so that you can fill out the questionnaires in the office.

The routine vaccinations for this visit are:

  • HPV - Human Papillomavirus