INSECT BITES are an unwelcome part of summertime fun.  Here are some tips to help you get through them as painlessly as possible: 

  • Expect that they will be itchy and red for 3-4 days and often swollen for up to 1 week 
  • Insect bites on the face always look worse  
  • Use of a cool compress, ibuprofen and 1% hydrocortisone will help decrease itching, redness, and swelling 
  • Drink lots of fluids to flush the body  
  • Watch for signs of infection including marked redness/swelling, drainage, affected area is hot to touch, fever, increased facial swelling  
  • Carry an Epipen if you know you’re allergic and be sure childcare providers and babysitters know how to use it! 
  • Apply bug spray *on top of* sunscreen 
  • Spray clothing for protection  

The links below provide additional information to help take the “sting” out of insect bites: