The Importance of Prenatal Visits

We understand just how important it is to find the right pediatrician for your little one. Even before your baby is born, you’ll begin looking for the ideal pediatrician to fit your needs. Here at Pediatric Associates of Wellesley, we feel honored to be able to provide comprehensive, gentle, and welcoming health care to babies, children, and teens throughout the Weston and Medfield, MA, areas. If you are currently looking for a pediatrician, the prenatal visit with us is an important and not-to-missed part of establishing a wonderful and valuable relationship with our pediatric team.

The Benefits of a Prenatal Visit

There are many reasons that every expectant parent or parents should undergo prenatal visits with a pediatrician. For one, it helps us establish a good working relationship with each family that we work with. We want all of our patients to find a level of comfort at our practice and we work hard to maintain that ideal comfort level. It’s important for parents to feel comfortable with us, our team, and the services we offer, and a prenatal visit can reassure parents and families that they’ve found the right pediatrician to care for their child.

The prenatal visit is also a great time for our team to collect information regarding your family history and health status. If you have any concerns about genetic or hereditary disorders or concerns about your pregnancy, we can also provide you with advice and recommendations on the next steps. The more information we gather about you, your family, and your life the more tailored and customized care we can provide you and your baby even before they are born.

How We Can Help

We also love helping soon-to-be parents with their duties and responsibilities. We offer counseling, advice, and help with everything from bathing and car seat recommendations to feedings and immunizations before your newborn arrives. We know that this can be particularly overwhelming for first-time parents, and we want to make sure that expectant parents get the information they need to make transitioning into parenthood a little easier.

Prenatal visits are not to be missed, and yet not enough soon-to-be parents take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to get to know us and to gather the information they need to help make sure that they are well-equipped to care for their baby once they arrive.

It’s also just as important that your newborn sees a pediatrician regularly for checkups, monitoring, and care. Finding a pediatrician that you know and trust is critical to finding a pediatrician that your child will also trust.

To schedule a prenatal visit with our pediatricians, call the Pediatric Associates of Wellesley in our Weston, MA office at (781) 736-0040 today. We’re open 365 days a year!