Preparation for life after high school is an exciting and often stressful time!  You get to see glimmers of the young adult they will soon become.

When your teen turns 18, s/he becomes legally responsible for medical records and communication with our office but may sign a release to allow us to communicate with you. They are also encouraged to sign up for their own GATEWAY account.

Permission for Release of Medical Records for Patients 18+
( Printable Form)

What to expect during this visit:

During this visit, we will do a full examination, give advice on healthy behavior and discuss and take preventative steps to help continued good health.

To facilitate your check in process, please take time to fill out the mental health screening questionnaire on GATEWAY prior to your visit today.  if you do not yet have a GATEWAY account- please arrive a few minutes early so that you can fill out the questionnaires in the office .

The routine vaccinations for this visit are:

  • Bexsero - Meningococcal type B