Newborn Care: How Often Should We Visit The Pediatrician

An important component of newborn care is scheduling regular well-visits with your baby’s pediatrician. Well-visits allow the doctor to closely monitor your little one’s growth and development to ensure everything is on track. In Midfield and Weston, MA, newborn care is available at Pediatric Associates of Wellesley. Our experienced and caring pediatric staff can help your child enjoy better health throughout childhood.

Well Visits for Newborns

Well-visits are checkups with your child’s pediatrician in which several aspects of health and wellness are examined. Well-visits include documentation of height and weight measurements, physical exams, hearing and vision screenings, behavioral assessments, monitoring developmental milestones, and vaccination.

Babies grow and develop quickly during the first few months so your newborn will have several well-visits with one of the skilled pediatricians at our office during this time. Your newborn’s first visit with a pediatrician will take place at the hospital within 24 hours of birth. A pediatric doctor will continue to examine your baby daily until released from the hospital.

Within a few days of discharging from the hospital, you will need to bring your little one into our pediatric office in either Midfield or Weston, MA, for newborn care. The next appointment is usually scheduled for two weeks later at about three weeks of age. Your little one’s next appointment will be at two months of age, then every two to three months until your baby reaches 18 months. The interval between well-visits is extended around this time so your little one won’t need to come in as often.

Newborn Vaccinations

An important aspect of well-visits is vaccination. Vaccinations protect your little one from the threat of many serious illnesses and diseases by helping your child build immunity to them. The vaccination and immunization schedule developed by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) begins at birth. Your newborn might receive the first dose of certain vaccines at the hospital Remaining doses and other vaccinations will be administered at our pediatric office according to the immunization schedule.

Well-visits are an essential component of newborn care. Our caring pediatric staff will monitor your child’s growth and development and help your little one enjoy better health. For newborn care in Weston, MA, schedule a well-visit with one of our pediatricians by calling Pediatric Associates of Wellesley at (781) 736-0040. Appointments are also available at our Midfield office location by calling (508) 359-9200.