Why Regular Wellness Visits Are Important

Why do you need to visit your pediatrician once a year even though your child seems healthy and happy? One benefit is making sure your child stays up to date on vaccines, but that isn’t the sole purpose of well-child visits. There are a few reasons the doctors at Pediatric Associates of Wellesley encourage all parents to visit a pediatrician in Medfield and Weston, MA, annually.

Growth and Development Checkups

Starting from birth, your pediatrician will measure your child’s growth, including weight and length or height. They will discuss developmental milestones to ensure your child is growing healthfully. All children are unique, but there are early signs of developmental problems that your pediatrician can detect even if you aren’t seeing obvious signs at home.

You may also have questions and concerns about your child’s growth and development. Wellness visits are the perfect time to get answers from an expert. Those answers are tailored to your child’s unique medical history.

Addressing Health Concerns and Potential Risks

Your pediatrician in Medfield and Weston, MA, will get to know your child with every passing year. They may pick up on potential health risks earlier because they have watched your child’s growth over time. If there’s a change in behavior or a new health development, your pediatrician will address it right away.

Early diagnosis is critical to treating small problems before they become big health risks. Pediatricians use input from parents as well as physical examinations to identify the need for further testing or treatment.

If your child has a diagnosed medical condition, wellness visits are even more important. You may need to see your pediatrician more than once a year to ensure your child receives proper care as they grow.

Teaching Self-Care, Health, and Wellness

One often-overlooked importance of well-child visits is the message that they send your child. Kids learn from an early age that their health is important. They get accustomed to discussing how they feel with a medical provider they trust.

When these visits are matched with a healthy focus on health and wellness at home, children are likely to continue caring for their bodies into adulthood. That may lower their risk for disease and illness throughout their lifetime. It’s one of the simplest ways to give your child a healthy start.

Is it time to schedule your child’s next visit with a pediatrician in Medfield and Weston, MA? The doctors at Pediatric Associates of Wellesley are excited to see how your little one is growing and are ready to address your questions and concerns. Call (781) 736-0040 to reach our Weston office or (508) 359-9200 to reach our Medfield office.