Determining whether your child has ADHD at an early age is one of the most important diagnoses you can provide for them. ADHD is a condition that requires additional care in order to provide for your child and determining whether or not they have it will set them up for success in early life and later stages of life. Fortunately, behavior consultations can be used to determine whether or not your child is producing symptoms of ADHD and what treatment options are available. Pediatric Associates of Wellesly in Weston & Medfield, MA is led by an exemplary team of professionals that are here to provide information on behavior consultations that are used to determine whether or not your child has ADHD.

Evaluating Childhood ADHD

Behavior consultations are a four-stage process that is designed to determine whether or not your child may have neurodivergent tendencies and whether a diagnosis may be appropriate. For example, your child may work with your care provider and answer questions that can allow your care provider and other qualified individuals to observe their response, and their actions, and determine whether or not the child is exhibiting neurodivergent tendencies.

The Cost of ADHD

ADHD, or attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, is a condition that can prevent your child from excelling in school, and making friends, and can harm any emotional resilience that they have. These are just a few examples of what ADHD can produce in a child. Some children who are not diagnosed with ADHD at an early age may suffer in school, jobs, and relationships later in life. By seeking behavior consultations when they are young, you can determine what needs they have, educate them on their condition when appropriate, provide medication prescribed by your doctor, and continue a pipeline of lifelong care for their condition that can allow them to work with their strengths in order to succeed. Behavior consultations are imperative if you notice your child is exhibiting these signs of ADHD:

  • Short attention spans
  • Making mistakes that could have been avoided if they slowed down to think about it
  • Being incredibly forgetful
  • Struggles with organization
  • Overall hyperactivity
  • Gets distracted easily

Professional Care in Weston and Medfield

Pediatric Associates of Wellesly in Weston & Medfield, MA is here to help your child receive the care that they deserve in order to excel in life. We recommend that you contact us in the Weston & Medfield, MA area if you suspect your child has ADHD and want to receive behavior consultations that can lead to a proper diagnosis. Contact us today at (781) 736-0040 for our Weston location and (508) 359-9200 for our Medfield location. Our staff is standing by to help your child at your convenience with the highest level of professional care.