Pediatric Associates of Wellesley is here for you and your family if your child is dealing with allergies. Allergies can cause unpleasant symptoms and reactions but you can also help your child manage their allergies with good habits. Keep reading about child allergies and contact our dedicated team of pediatricians in Medfield, and Weston, MA for an appointment to test or treat your child's allergies.

Allergies in Children

If you have a child with allergies you probably have some extra anxiety about their safety around their allergens. Our pediatrician can provide allergy testing for food and environmental allergies to help determine what your child is allergic to and the range of their symptoms. When everyone in the family is aware of your child's allergens you can all help avoid them to keep your child healthy.

Allergy testing exposes your child to a safe amount of the allergen in a controlled environment to test their reaction. If you child does have a reaction, the good news is there is effective medicine available and approved for children that can help ease a lot of symptoms or fend off severe reactions to allergens.

Benadryl, Claritin, and Zyrtec are commonly prescribed to treat allergies with little to no side effects. Follow the dosage instructions closely and have your child take medicine before you know they will be exposed to allergens. Your pediatrician may recommend air filters or cleaning practices at home that will help lessen exposure to environmental allergens.

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