Raising children can be difficult at times, especially when it comes to their behavior. As a parent, it can be hard to tell normal boundary testing from a disorder that may need treatment. Your pediatrician can help.

The pediatricians at Pediatric Associates of Wellesley offer a wide range of medical services for children, including behavioral health evaluation and counseling. They have two convenient office locations in Medfield, and Weston, MA.

First, let’s look at what is normal behavior in children. You shouldn’t worry if your child demonstrates occasional:

Defiant behavior, because your child may be testing boundaries and exerting independence, which is normal behavioral milestones.

Withdrawing, because your child needs to show autonomy, and wants to accomplish tasks without your help. These are also normal behavioral milestones.

Acting out, because your child may be reacting to major changes in life, including moving to a new school, changes in the family structure, or the death of a close family member.

Now, let’s look at behaviors that you may need to worry about. You should visit your pediatrician if your child is:

  • Threatening or harming others, pets, or themselves
  • Damaging things belonging to others
  • Having difficulty forming or keeping relationships with others
  • Showing frequent signs of unhappiness or depression
  • Demonstrating anxiety about going to school
  • Exhibiting defiance and hostility toward authority figures
  • Frequently lying, arguing, stealing, or skipping school
  • Using drugs, drinking, or smoking at an early age

If you notice any of these harmful signs, it’s time to have your child visit the pediatrician. Your pediatrician will perform a comprehensive behavioral evaluation. This evaluation can serve as the gateway to getting your child help from other specialists including counselors, child psychologists, and psychiatrists.

To find out more about how your pediatrician can help with your child’s behavioral health, call the pediatricians at Pediatric Associates of Wellesley. You can reach them in Medfield, MA, at (508) 359-9200, or in Weston, MA, by calling (781) 736-0040, so call today.