Newborn Care and Development - What To Expect

Pediatric Associates of Wellesley is proud to offer Weston, and Medfield, MA, and the neighboring communities access to quality medical care. Our team of practitioners understands normal newborn growth and development and can ensure your newborn is on the right track. We can intervene with medical care as necessary and provide parental education.

Feeding Schedule

As a general rule, a breastfed baby will eat once every one to three hours, whereas a bottle-fed baby will eat every two to three hours. A practitioner from our practice can help you figure out a feeding schedule. 

Weight Gain

Initially, your baby will lose a few ounces after birth. This is normal. Usually, in the first week or possibly up to the first three weeks if your little one was premature, sickly, or had significant weight loss, he or she will regain those lost pounds.

As a general rule, a newborn will gain five to seven ounces weekly. At our pediatric practice, with locations in Weston, MA and Medfield, MA, we'll use a lay-down scale especially for infants, to weigh your infant. We'll inform you of the weight and show you how your little one compares on a growth chart. We'll also educate you as to whether your child is growing at a healthy rate.

If needed, a doctor on our team may recommend ways to help with your child's growth.

Help With Problems

We understand parents are tired and frustrated at times during the newborn stage. We also realize that not every baby is the same, and certain health concerns can interfere with the baby sleeping and eating normally. We'll address any concerns and help you make the most of parenting your new addition at newborn care visits.

If you're having problems with your newborn latching, for example, we can assess for any issues. We can also provide breastfeeding support. While it's a truly amazing experience having a newborn, the proper newborn care is essential. We can monitor your child's growth and development and aid you as a new parent.

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