What To Expect During Your Child’s Annual Visit

Whether you’re looking for a pediatrician for a newborn, an adolescent, or a teen, our team at Pediatric Associates of Wellesley in Weston & Medfield, MA has you covered. 

What Happens During a Child’s Annual Pediatrician Visit?

Each year, children should come to see our team at Pediatric Associates of Wellesley in Weston & Medfield, MA. These are known as wellness visits or well-child checkups and are separate from sick visits. These visits are essential to your child’s health and development. To help you understand why, we’ve provided an overview below of what to expect.

Vital Sign Monitoring

One of the first steps of an annual exam is to collect vital information about your child. This includes their height, weight, heart rate, temperature, and more. Additional testing, such as hearing and vision, will be done according to their age. Such information not only lets your pediatrician know that your child is developing properly but also keep an eye out for potential issues.


You can always expect a fairly in-depth discussion in which your pediatrician will gain insight into your child, their physical habits, and their mental health. This will include questions about their mood, activities, diet, nutrition, sleep habits, and more. It also allows you to express any concerns you or your child might have.

Physical Examination

Your pediatrician will complete a hands-on examination that will suit your child’s age. For example, pediatricians will check for the soft spot on an infant’s head but will check for signs of scoliosis in teens. They’ll also listen to your child’s heart and breathing, feel for issues in the abdomen, look in their ears, and more.


Throughout childhood, children are given vaccinations to keep them healthy and safe from illnesses and diseases. More vaccinations are given during the first year of life, though several are given through the teen years as well. If it’s time for any vaccinations or boosters, your child will receive these at their annual visit.


Once the physical examination has been completed, your pediatrician will provide any necessary recommendations for your child’s health. This could be anything from a referral to an eye doctor to simple suggestions for changing dietary habits. If you are confused or uncertain about anything, always speak up. Your pediatrician will help walk you through the recommendations further or adjust those recommendations accordingly.

If you have further questions or would like to schedule an annual pediatrician visit with our team at Pediatric Associates of Wellesley in Weston & Medfield, MA, we’re here for you. You can reach our Weston office at (781) 736-0040 or our Medfield office at (508) 359-9200.